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Video Credit: YoDubu1

Boo. I’m going crazy here. I’m sure many of you are the same. *CRIES* In case you don’t know, today is Super Junior’s last Performance before they have their concert. After 3 months (I think), Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” & “Its You” promotion is finally over and probally all the fans (including me) are crying now. 😦

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2PM’s Interview With Single

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20090620_2pm_interview*screams* 2PM!! Okay. Sorry. Please ignore me. Anyway, our cute 2PM boys will be featured in the July issue of Single magazine.

Check out excerpts from the interview with Jaebeom, Taecyeon, Junsu and Wooyoung. The other members couldn’t participate due to their schedule.

“Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
TaecYeon: WooYoung looked extremely impertinent.
JaeBeom: [I thought so too], because Woo Young didn’t greet [others] well and was shy…
TaecYeon: When I first saw WooYoung, I was just coming out from a shower, and the kid was rubbing his eyes. So I greeted him first with “hello” but he [continues] rubbing his eyes and says, “Ah, yes, hello” with a scowl!
JaeBeom: No matter how you look at it, we’re hyungs. Sunbaes (seniors)!
WooYoung: Wow, this got really distorted. The incident JaeBeom hyung is talking about was back from when we didn’t know each other.
JaeBeom: If you’re in the JYP practice room, obviously you’re a JYP person!
WooYoung: I went there to audition…. anyways! It was because I was listening to music while waiting for my turn but time and again [you complain] that I didn’t greet you….
TaecYeon: Me, what about me?
WooYoung: I didn’t know who TaecYeon hyung was at that time either. I was so tired and out of it from preparing for the audition…. but I purposely even asked, “Have you eaten?”. Wow ~ you keep only telling what makes you seem good!
TaecYeon: It’s the truth that Woo Young is impertinent. Every member’s first impression of Woo Young was the same…
JaeBeom: But he gets grimmer as you get closer. Haha, I actually love [WooYoung].

Q: When is it difficult having so many members?
TaecYeon: When choosing the menu (what to eat).
JaeBeom: Didn’t you see while we ordered the meal today? Typically, one item should be agreed on, but [we] ordered both pizza and hamburgers. It’s standard [for us] to be divided into two.
TaecYeon: JunHo, ChanSung, and WooYoung like Korean cuisine while JaeBeom hyung and Khun like Western cuisine such as pizza or hamburgers. So they quarrel all the time. I eat everything equally well.
WooYoung: You’re a weird hyung, spinning everything about yourself positively!
JunSu: Let’s do interviews without TaecYeon from now on.
JaeBeom: If TaecYeon is sleepy or bothered, he just sleeps without eating.
JunHo: Ah, really. I wasn’t going to say this but I guess I have to. TaecYeon hyung eats if he wants to and eats somebody else’s if he doesn’t want to eat.
TaecYeon: Then you guys talk [more]!

Q: What type of girl do you like?
WooYoung: For me, somebody who’s pretty just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
JaeBeom: I don’t like it when [the girl] tries too hard to act cute or pretty, but like a natural loveliness. A natural beauty.
TaecYeon: I like someone who is good at doing her own work and has an unaffected charm. It’s a plus if she’s pretty and [another] plus if she has a good figure…
WooYoung: Interview, hold an interview (to find such a girl).

Q: What is 2PM’s weapon (competitive advantage)?
JaeBeom: Performance. We perform what others don’t and can’t do. [We’re] almost the first.
TaecYeon: We’re the first team worldwide to sing live and do acrobatics together.
JaeBeom: Because already, performance is associated with 2PM and 2PM is associated with performance.
TaecYeon: A lot of people enjoy themselves while watching us our stage performance and also get a different vibe from us compared to other existing idol [groups]. Outside of performing on stage, we’re fun and frank. I think [people] love that about us a lot. That’s what makes 2PM different.”

Credits to KPculture

Check out the rest of the interview in the July issue of Single magazine.

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2PM acting ugly during starking

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Not many artists are willing to get down and ugly.. or um, rather silly with the camera. But with their fun and playful personalities, 2PM is always down for anything. On the most recent episode on SBS Star King, the boys sang “I Hate You” on a webcam, disfiguring their faces. Not only did they not care about how fat or ugly they looked, they had a lot of fun and couldn’t wait for their turn. Their silly faces caused the Kang Ho Dong, the celebrity guests, and the audience to roar in laughter. Check out the humiliating, yet adorable and hilarious video below!

Video Credit: YoDubu1

Credit: AllKpop

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JunJin & Lee Si Young are in Love June 20, 2009

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We knew it was bound to happen eventually. A make-believe We Got Married couple FINALLY becomes a real couple. Of course this has to happen after everyone stops watching the show, but better late than never I guess.

Although they had denied that they were in love back in April, singer JunJin (aka Park Choong Jae) and actress Lee Si Young have admitted to being a real life couple. JunJun said “We’re meeting cautiously. Although I have been seeing Lee Si Young for a few months, because she is still a newbie, I was careful about revealing our relationship because I didn’t want to negatively influence her activities.” Definitely a wise move by JunJin.


According to their management, the two met on the set of We Got Married and while filming, formed a good relationship that developed into something much more and they started dating officially 3 months ago. Their interactions on the show was much too real instead of make-believe to most of the viewers watching. In addition, Lee Si Young was featured on JunJin’s new mini-album Like a Fool and also made an appearance in his Hey Ya music video. Both of them also appeared in Beige’s Jijiri music video.

Their relationship is gaining more attention due to the fact that JunJin is the final member from Infinity Challenge to find his girl. Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo are married men, HaHa’s relationship was revealed ages ago, Jun Jun Ha is dating someone, Jung Hyung Don announced his marriage in September while Noh Hong Chul is dating Jang Yoon Jung. JunJin wrote on his Cyworld, “I Completely Love You”.



Seohyun and Yuri In The Recording Studio For Miero

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You guys all know that SNSD has been releasing diaries through the Miero drink website, right? The next clip features maknae Seohyun and pretty unnie Yuri. In the clip, the two girls are in the recording studio just having fun taking pictures, playing games, and recording themselves singing and acting as if they are the recording directors. Cute? You think?

video credit: iPOMz


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SNSD Wants to Be Your Genie [MV TEASER!]

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After some anticipation, SM ent. has finally released SNSD’s teaser. After Geeing their way to success earlier in their year, the 9 members of Girls’ Generation will return with a Marine Girl concept on 25th June with their new song, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). Tell you I just can’t wait. The song sounds nice.

“I am genie for your dream, I am genie for the world.” Hell, I didn’t even know how much I liked Engrish until now. It is unknown who the male voice is, but rumors are saying that it’s Micky Yoochun from DBSK. Who do you think it is?

Here’s their comeback schedule
June 19th Teaser Release
June 22nd MP3 Release
June 25th Mini-Album Release
June 26th KBS Music Bank
June 27th MBC Music Core
June 28th SBS Inkigayo

SNSD’s comeback mini album track list
1.소원을 말해봐(Genie)
5. 동화(Fairy Tale)
6. 1년 後(One Year Later)


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2NE1 Says Goodbye.

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Haha. Bet the title scared you, did’nt it?? No no, not say goodbye. but SINGS ‘Say Goodbye’ =)

2NE1 does another cover on an American song, this time it’s “Say Goodbye” by Chris Brown on KBS CoolFM Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space. A lot of Korean artists nowadays are singing American songs on radio shows. And I’ve got to say that 2NE1 is one of the groups with the better enunciation! Their enunciation is almost perfect to the point where you can’t even hear an accent. I’m sure when they come out with English songs of their own like Big Bang, they’d manage pretty well.

Overall, the performance was well done. Is it just me or has Sandara Park’s vocals improved in this song? smile

Credits: allkpop.com

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